Baby Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🤛👶🤜 Collab With @Lockstin & Gnoggin Télécharger

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  • 9 nov. 2019

  • A bunch of Pokemon in the daycare duking it out, who will emerge victorious? Who will survive and win the BABY Battle Royale? Check out Lockstin's explanation here! © TerminalMontage 2019 Liked this parody? Subscribe for more! And please consider sharing and supporting my Patreon! Patron contributions are what keep this channel going! Written by Lockstin Art, Animation, Backgrounds, SFX by Jeremey Chinshue Production Assistant, Coloring, and Pichu's Voice by Vanessa Chinshue Munchlax voice by Captain Fear Facer Music by TheLegendOfRenegade Pokémon Black & White - Castelia City (Sega Genesis Remix) | PATRON REQUEST Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Battle! Team Rocket (CPS-2 Remix) | PATRON REQUEST Merchandise for sale here! https://terminalmontagemerchportal.we... Follow me on.. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: For business inquiries and questions, or if you see other people reuploading our videos email us at: Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello #SomethingSeries #Pokemon #Animation #SwordShield #SwSh #Nintendo #BattleRoyale