Behind the Doodle: Celebrating Lotería! Télécharger

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  • 8 déc. 2019

  • Today’s interactive game Doodle celebrates the traditional Mexican card game, Lotería! It’s also our second-ever multiplayer experience: Play the game with friends in a private match, or match with users around the globe at random. We collaborated with five Mexican and Mexican-American illustrators to reimagine many of the iconic Lotería game art for the Doodle—along with some new cards for a fun sorpresa! We also partnered with popular Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica, who serves in the iconic role of game card announcer for the Doodle. Although it has changed a great deal since being officially copyrighted in Mexico on this day 106 years ago, Lotería is still wildly popular today across Mexico and Latinx communities, whether as a Spanish language teaching tool or for family game night. For more info behind the Doodle, please visit: