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  • Sortie le 27 févr. 2020

  • Hot Pink out now! Want to Find Out Which Doja Cat You Are? Connect to find out: Subcribe to Doja Cat's Official YoutTube Channel: Director: Hannah Lux Davis @hannahluxdavis Executive Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio @bbonfiglio Commissioner: Sam Houston @samhoustonishere Choreographer: Cortland Brown @fulloutcortland Production Company: London Alley @londonalley Cameos: @donte.colley and @yodelinghaley Follow Doja Cat: #HotPink #DojaCat #SaySo


  • yes i stole woody
    yes i stole woody il y a 8 mois

    This is giving me 70's memories i dont have

  • Hailey Harber
    Hailey Harber il y a 6 jours

    I love all of these looks!

  • Electrical Ascension
    Electrical Ascension il y a 2 jours (modifié)

    Dude I remember she was just talking about being cow now she's blossomed into this

  • Dumper- Man
    Dumper- Man il y a 1 jour

    Society: Girls can’t be simps

  • Natasha Karunaratne
    Natasha Karunaratne il y a 2 jours

    Remember when this came out when quarantine was supposed to be a two-week thing? Me too 😭😭

  • iwannabeacupcake x
    iwannabeacupcake x il y a 8 mois

    She doesnt even need someone to do a duet, she can duet with herself

  • Oldboy
    Oldboy il y a 2 jours

    I though this was a 90's song,because the style looks like that decade.

  • Iovi HD
    Iovi HD il y a 2 jours

    Only people that don't come from Tik tok can like this.

  • Katya Carolina Zuñiga Gómez.

    Aquí está el comentario en español que buscas.

  • Kev'z Sab'z
    Kev'z Sab'z il y a 2 jours

    This girl needs to be nominated for The Best New Artist categorh this coming Grammy 2021.

  • Journeying_ Soul
    Journeying_ Soul il y a 8 mois

    As Lorde once said: "...Tigers on a gold leash"

  • Help me to Reach 100k Subscribers Pls.

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  • Help me to Reach 100k Subscribers Pls.

    Only people who hasn't done the TikTok dance can like this comment

  • I love all
    I love all il y a 1 jour

    I couldn't escape saying that she is perfect and the music is just like her ahhh

  • Meep !
    Meep ! il y a 6 jours (modifié)

    If the color pink was a song, this would be it

  • Jaden King
    Jaden King il y a 7 mois

    I love how she just switches genre's every video like it's nothing and it seems so natural

  • Ricardo Luna
    Ricardo Luna il y a 1 jour


  • Paul Wandera
    Paul Wandera il y a 4 jours

    Why the hell does this feel so nostalgic lol. It's been out like 7 months.

  • Mokitoky
    Mokitoky il y a 1 semaine

    I bet 5-10 years later this comment section be like a calendar

  • Letizia Reis
    Letizia Reis il y a 2 jours

    Populair opinion: this song is a must in our daily song playlist.