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  • 28 févr. 2016

  • There's more to France than simple than the land between Spain and Germany. While this certainly the largest and most recognizable part of the country, there are also less well-known parts of the country, in all corners of the world, from the Caribbean, to South America, to the Indian Ocean and beyond. VIDEO CLIPS (copyright information): French flag ( oldstuff4all, Creative Commons Tahiti ( Jeunesse, Creative Commons Bora Bora ( Aspyn + Parker, Creative Commons Plane Landing ( Jon5700, used with permission MUSIC: French National Anthem - "La Marseillaise"


  • M3TB
    M3TB il y a 5 mois

    Recent fact too :

  • Trygve
    Trygve il y a 4 ans (modifié)

    So, France and the Netherlands actually share borders, however not in Europe but in the Caribbean? lol

  • occiBK31
    occiBK31 il y a 3 ans

    France longest border is actually shared with...Brazil. Because of Guyane

  • WonderWhy
    WonderWhy il y a 1 an

    New Caledonia voted on independence today. 56% voted no.

  • Osman 0 9
    Osman 0 9 il y a 4 mois

    Russia: I am using 11 different time zones.

  • Fitch75
    Fitch75 il y a 4 ans

    The sun never sets on the French Republic!

  • Thom's
    Thom's il y a 4 mois

    Vive la France !

  • Ruben Rathgeber
    Ruben Rathgeber il y a 4 mois

    This is why I love France. Not only in mainland France but all across the world this amazing country has such a diversity and beauty. Best wishes, un ami d'allemagne

  • uber channel
    uber channel il y a 9 mois

    Me: I’m in south america

  • I.D.S
    I.D.S il y a 4 ans

    French here ? (Où sont les Français ? ) ;P

  • M3TB
    M3TB il y a 5 mois

    When you talk about France to foreigners :

  • Hansner
    Hansner il y a 3 ans

    Just to make this clair,The french collectivity's are fully French, They ARE part of France. For exemple Saint-Martin Is in the european union.

  • Particulier VDM
    Particulier VDM il y a 1 an

    Other Fun Facts - France has:

  • random commenter here dont mind

    Spain: i have the biggest border with france!

  • Samuel Pelletier
    Samuel Pelletier il y a 1 an

    I am from Quebec and I would want that France annexes Quebec.

  • Emmanuel explique Bitcoin

    I'm a simple french man, I see France, I press upvote. But here I have to comment. This is f**ing more accurate than anything that was explained to me in school, so have a big thanks and a warm encouragement to go on with your videos ! Merci !

  • mikusingularity
    mikusingularity il y a 3 ans

    Don't forget, they launch rockets from French Guiana!

  • Guild Guild
    Guild Guild il y a 3 ans

    And the French President is the Prince of Andorre.

  • Doney Hon
    Doney Hon il y a 4 ans

    The french oversea collectivities are all fully french. When you say "they are not really part of France", it's not true. They have a certain autonomy within the republic, but nothing more.

  • Nitro Indigo
    Nitro Indigo il y a 4 ans

    The sun never sets on the French empire.