GFRIEND (여자친구) '교차로 (Crossroads)' Official M/V Télécharger

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  • 3 févr. 2020

  • GFRIEND (여자친구) '교차로 (Crossroads)' Official M/V Credits: Director : YooJeong Ko 1st AD : Yena Kang 2nd AD : HaYoung Yoon Production Assistant : Haneol Park, ChaeJung Yu Associate Producer : Emma Sungeun Kim (GE production) Location Manager : ChanHee Lee Assistant Producer : JuYoung An Production Assistant : TaeWoo Doh DOP : HanGyeol Lee Focus puller : JooYoung Ha, SeoHee Seo 2nd : HyunJun Park, MinJae Seo DIT : SoYoung Moon 3rd : JaeHyeop Shin, DongHyuk Shin Gaffer : Jisung Park 1st : Jongeun Kim 2nd : Jaeho Jung 3rd : Sera Kim, Sunjin Kim 4th : Hongjae Kim 5th : Junho Song Generator : Youngwook Kim Jimmy Jib : YoungJung Kim, HyunIn Kim, MinHyuk Go Grip : NamHee Park, JiMin Kim, SeJin Lee, Sang Hyeok Ko Art Director : SangSeon Kim (FAKE9) Art Team : BoEun So, JinA Oh, GunWoong Yoon, SangYe Kim MCC : 54st Special Effect : ChoulYoung Park (DRAGON) Edit : Yena Kang 3D VFX : SecondFloor Supervisor : DY.B 3D Artist : Jaejin.D, Jieun.H FX Artist : Daeyoung.B 2D Compositor : Sungkyu.Y, Dongil.H Project Manager : Pure.K Sound Designer : YouHoon Kim, HyunDong Kim Location support : Coex Aquarium Seoul Metro Seoul Film Commission Seoul Location Support Dept. Incheon Transit Corporation Incheon Film Commission Incheon Production Support Team Visual Creative : Jihoon Um Artist Management : HyungEun Kim, JeongHwan Kim, KwanYoung Ko, Miri Hong, JongGeun Oh, SiHyun Kim SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea Connect with GFRIEND #여자친구 #GFRIEND #回_LABYRINTH


  • BanGtan's ToOthbruSh
    BanGtan's ToOthbruSh il y a 2 mois (modifié)

    "When it's Apple era but you're still not over Crossroads."

    GG VLOGS il y a 2 semaines

    I'm still not over how dramatic Crossroads is.

  • Arman Himawan
    Arman Himawan il y a 2 semaines

    Unpopular opinion: Crossroads is the best Gfriend song

  • Cathleya Vids
    Cathleya Vids il y a 2 semaines

    Gfriend is the only one group that I'm into it and obsessed with.

  • YaGurlSilly
    YaGurlSilly il y a 3 semaines

    No one can’t tell me otherwise that crossroads can literally be an anime opening/ending. Every single time I listen to this, I imagine an anime sequence happening with lots of sadness, anger, death, happiness, excitement etc. This is one of my or even my ultimate favorite songs this 2020.

  • Yuju and Jisoo be mine
    Yuju and Jisoo be mine il y a 7 mois (modifié)

    Other Girl group stans : GFRIEND is only popular in Korea.

  • Bryce Peter
    Bryce Peter il y a 3 semaines

    why does gfriend's songs sounds like every anime opening

    BTS ARMY il y a 2 semaines (modifié)

    Why in there mv views are too less they really deserves better and other hand bp mv views are too much what going on (no hate for bp I also like Thiere song but these girls deserve better)

  • mysterioushwangsinb
    mysterioushwangsinb il y a 3 semaines

    Crossroads aging like a fine wine, you'll never get enough of it making you wanting for more and more and more

    GG VLOGS il y a 2 semaines

    if you like gfriend then you have great taste in music

  • haseultheworld
    haseultheworld il y a 7 mois

    YG is obssesed with cars.

  • Contblue
    Contblue il y a 3 semaines

    I feel bad for people who don't stan gfriend

  • Jay Eyy Tee
    Jay Eyy Tee il y a 3 semaines

    BH is not stupid to takeover a company whose only Idol gonna disband in 2 years. I am sure a contract extension or a supplemental agreement is already in place

  • Melanie Corsiga
    Melanie Corsiga il y a 2 semaines

    In this mv, Gfriend prove that they are great actresses. They can literally make a movie now👍

  • jc ann
    jc ann il y a 2 semaines

    Not a fan but this is better than other girl groups songs..

  • Eunha Haha
    Eunha Haha il y a 7 mois

    Many people say that Gfriend song are not trendy, but for someone who dont really enjoy EDM like me, Gfriend are the perfect choices

  • Ff w
    Ff w il y a 2 semaines (modifié)

    Teamwork make a dreamwork became true.

  • Light Happiness
    Light Happiness il y a 3 semaines (modifié)

    If buddy want more of gfriend's content, we should pay more attention and show our interest towards what we get now,stream all of gfriend's videos especially Gfriend MV , Ost and Song Association (Elle)

  • Princess Mae Mendoza
    Princess Mae Mendoza il y a 3 semaines


  • 엘린입니다it's ellyn
    엘린입니다it's ellyn il y a 2 semaines