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  • 10 mai 2019

  • GIMS, Maluma - Hola Señorita (Maria) [Official Video] Available Music: « TRANSCENDANCE » Deluxe Edition Maluma Socials: Página web oficial: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: GIMS Socials: Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Snapchat : Warano75 -- Surbscribe to GIMS’s channel here: GIMS On Tour now, on the festival road in France, a Tour in the USA and Canada and for an exceptional show at the Stade de France on September 28th. Tickets at Credits: Production Company: Corner Films Director: Said C. Naciri Producer: Mamoun Naciri DOP: Thierry Arbogast Editor: Ibrahim Elasri VFX: Anas Haidar Steadicam Operator: Teva Vasseur Art work: Nabil Boudarqa Filmed in the Riad « The Secret », Marrakesh and at the Bassin de la Menara, Marrakesh. Courtesy of the Moroccan Culture and Communication Ministry. #GIMS #Maluma #HolaSeñorita


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    Avelovinit il y a 1 an


  • Sanjuka
    Sanjuka il y a 2 semaines

    Let's see how many people's here in September 2020.

  • Anne Perry
    Anne Perry il y a 20 heures

  • zoveida rodriguez
    zoveida rodriguez il y a 21 heures

    me encanta como cantan los de Francia, su idioma es muy sexi...

  • park soyeon
    park soyeon il y a 1 jour

    La chanson est si douce, mais pourquoi est-ce que je la sens pervertie?

  • Nicolás Barbosa
    Nicolás Barbosa il y a 1 an

    Quien lo diria? Ahora va a pegar más mundial que nunca 🇲🇦🇨🇴🔥

    NRS LILWEZY il y a 2 jours

    Les Français je vous vois pas!!

  • falito fernandez
    falito fernandez il y a 23 heures

    se rumora que es un hombre Maria...

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  • الصحراء المغربية
    الصحراء المغربية il y a 4 semaines

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco, 🇲🇦 which is more than 12 centuries old. North Africa is located and in the north of it is Spain and the south is Mauritania. A kingdom with a long history and civilization, and is distinguished by many cultures. UNESCO classified it as the first safest country in North Africa. Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco❤🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • New Style Reggaeton
    New Style Reggaeton il y a 1 an

    Que bien suena, en cualquier ritmo, Maluma versátil! GIMS duro!

  • MikaYTGamingNL
    MikaYTGamingNL il y a 1 semaine

    Gims voice is just out of this world.

  • Madalin Ionut Ivan
    Madalin Ionut Ivan il y a 1 jour

    Quien lo escuche eel dia 26 like jajjajajaj me encanta la cancion es la segunda vez que la escucho esque la escuce antes jajajjaaj

  • Gus
    Gus il y a 1 semaine

    Revenir après le documentaire, et l'écouter un peu différemment

  • Mohammed Aissa
    Mohammed Aissa il y a 1 jour

    Morocco 🤩 marrakesh 😍😍 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • Giovanny Suaza
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    Colombia 🇨🇴 Marruecos 🇲🇦 Francia 🇫🇷 El Congo 🇨🇩

  • Shreyas Kashyap
    Shreyas Kashyap il y a 2 semaines

    Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥

  • bacilio cueva tarapaqui
    bacilio cueva tarapaqui il y a 1 jour

    Buena letra Maluma saludos desde Perú ::")

  • Golden Prø
    Golden Prø il y a 4 heures

    Stop Asking who is here, We never left.

  • Golden Prø
    Golden Prø il y a 4 heures

    Stop Asking who is here, We never left.