Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Dyeing Their Hair Neon Télécharger

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  • 17 mai 2020

  • Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 4 girl dye their hair all kinds of neon colors! Shop XMONDO Hair: Wavetech Wave Foam: Electrified Volume Foam: Lorgia Natalia: Nasya Merook: Moriah Kaelyn: eve frsr: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: XMONDO Instagram: Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa Don't Forget To Live Your Extra Life.


  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo il y a 6 mois

    🥺👉🏻👈🏻 ur so pretty

  • Naga Sailaja Sayyaparaju
    Naga Sailaja Sayyaparaju il y a 4 mois

    Plot twist : There is a mirror in front of him and he's been praising himself all this time.

  • Emily Perry
    Emily Perry il y a 3 mois

    Brad: "you are so pretty!"

  • YeetFleet AlwaysDiscreet
    YeetFleet AlwaysDiscreet il y a 3 mois

    Brad: hello beautiful

  • Layla Mae
    Layla Mae il y a 3 mois

    I get anxiety when I get compliments or positive feedback, and lemme just say that first bit was an absolute trip for me

  • Peyton Sturdivant
    Peyton Sturdivant il y a 3 mois

    Brad Mondo's intros are single-handedly healing my self esteem

  • Jade Lucio
    Jade Lucio il y a 2 mois

    Am I the only one who clicks on ONE video and ends up watching like 20 videos in one sitting😅

  • I ain’t never seen Two pretty best friends

    “Don’t forget to live your extra life”

  • Workout Often
    Workout Often il y a 1 mois (modifié)

    Girl: Slurps

  • Catch 12
    Catch 12 il y a 3 mois

    Okay- that intro- but like in the beginning i wasn’t having it- “no im hella ugly don’t lie tf” but at the end he had me smiling and like wtf. I’m confused? It’s been terrible for a couple months but literally something as small as that can make my day.

  • juby82xoxo x
    juby82xoxo x il y a 6 mois

    Brad is literally the 'CEO of giving confidence boosts' with his intros

  • Cheesy Chicken Gacha
    Cheesy Chicken Gacha il y a 3 mois

    Brad: ur pretty

  • Taylor Thomas
    Taylor Thomas il y a 2 mois

    Girl slurps her drink

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller il y a 1 mois

    Brad Mondo’s intros: “ur beautiful”

  • strangerthingsfreak
    strangerthingsfreak il y a 3 mois

    Brad is the most inspirational hairstylist I’ve ever seen in my life

  • sponge bob
    sponge bob il y a 6 mois

    You’re the only guy giving me compliments at this point

  • Elin Magnin
    Elin Magnin il y a 3 mois

    brad: "it's so intimidating,, being in your presence"

  • Betsy/BA BF
    Betsy/BA BF il y a 1 mois

    Can someone fix Moriah's eyelashes? They are frightening me, especially if that is 2am.

  • Andie Toth
    Andie Toth il y a 3 mois

    I love how most comments on most of his videos are about his intros lmao

  • Lily Grayson
    Lily Grayson il y a 3 mois

    Brad: hello beautiful its intimidating being in your presence