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  • Sortie le 22 mai 2020

  • [Prod. WNDWS] FANTASY VXID; SPRING Drop a new track and they click again You see the vibe and it’s glistening Can’t talk to no other citizens Been on this social distance shit Fuck a walk through I’m not mingling Working on fucking the dissonance The shit that they talk is not interesting The shit that they talk gave me thicker skin So wait Keep up I’m living okay Won’t downsize nigga I’m paid Keep the strap like livings not safe Keep a mask by been on this wave Better act right villains on game Gotta a bad side split in my brain Gemini can’t pick on which way Hold up Like they popped a blue pill moving blind but I don’t give a fuck Even when they locked down Somehow my name keeps on coming up Better slow down nigga you gon' crash if you keep acting up Jaws still like a trigger fuck the safety it’s not jamming up Been in my dome Get a new address I’m gone Niggas don’t stress I’m grown I don’t do text I phone Always had less than more Now I got checks I’m owed Couple more milll then ghost How many times I'm gold Been on a mad one dropping the casket I reap what a sew and I’m sewing a classic I swear that my real life is your life on acid A nigga blinked twice and I really was massive Keeping it locked I’m inside with a habit Shit hit the fan and I never did panic They think I’m juju and doing up magic Made in hell still on my neck it’s a madness Ay how many times im pro Niggas got bands now sitting at home Ay how many times im pro *sucks teeth*